Reflective Raised Pavement Markers

Reflective Raised Pavement Markers
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Price $4.00

"Reflective Stimsonite Road Markers. Very bright and simple to install. Currently available in blue, yellow, white, yellow/red, green, red and white/red. Great for marking around gates, parking lot marking, fire hydrant marking and other uses. The Stimsonite model C88 has a dimension of 4 inches square. These markers are reflective from both directions.

If you are using these markers on a DOT (department of transportation) roadway you should verify that the C88 marker is approved in your area.

Can be applied using your own two part epoxy or by using our 5" x 5" melt down thermoplastic pads.

To use our Melt Down Thermoplastic pads simply heat the pavement with a propane torch, lay down the pad and continue heating until it is melted.  Then gently press the marker into the molten thermoplastic and let it cool.  Thermoplastic pads are more permanent.

Cost is $4 per reflector and $2 for each thermoplastic pad. Make your selection above.