Reflexite V92 V97 Daybright Reflective Rolls 24"

Orafol Reflexite V92 Daybright Rolls 24" 12"
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Price $170.00

Reflexite V92 Daybright 24" wide rolls. (Fluorescent Lime is now only available in V98 - see related links below)

Available in 10 foot and 50 foot rolls.  Perfect size for cutting on a plotter. We carry red, school bus yellow, green, blue, fluorescent lime, white and orange. 

The fluorescent lime is a little thicker than the other colors.  The standard colors are about as thick as a two sheets of paper and the fluorescent lime is about as thick as a business card.  If the two materials are applied side by side you can feel the difference with your fingertip but you cannot really see the difference.

Because this is a thin film, it can be easily cut with a standard vinyl cutter / plotter. I use a 45 degree blade and medium pressure.  Cutting shapes, letters and numbers is very easy.



Colors above starting from left - Red, School Bus Yellow, Blue, Green White, and Orange. Fluorescent lime is now only available in our V98 material. See related products link below.

Reflexite V92 Daybright Conspicuity Sheeting is a tough, weather and solvent resistant microprismatic retroreflective sheeting designed for rugged outdoor use on the sides and rear of trucks, trailers, school buses, farm equipment, automobiles and all types of mobile and industrial equipment. 

This particular material (V92) has an especially aggressive adhesive.  To apply you simply peel and stick to a clean, dry surface.  V92 does well on flat surfaces or simple curves like PVC pipe.  For applications on surfaces with compound curves you would want to use our V98 conformable material.

V92 Daybright is 7 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape. Light is reflected via micro prisms making the tape much brighter than glass bead type tapes. This allows the tape to be seen from thousands of feet away versus hundreds. Reflexite V92 tape carries a 5-7 year outdoor rating. It is easy to handle and resists chipping and cracking.

Available in Red, School Bus Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Orange. (fluorescent lime is available in V98 - see related products link below)

Our V92 Daybright rolls are priced as follows

24" x 10 foot roll - $170

24" x 50 foot roll - $550

(We can slit the rolls to narrower widths.  The fee is $10 for the first cut and $5 thereafter. You would need to call to arrange this.)

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